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Prepper Predictions for 2022

No one can guarantee what will happen during the rest of 2022, but as preparers we know that there are alerts and trends that help us predict future events for which we must prepare.

If you have turned on the television, read a magazine or entered social media, it is most likely that you have seen these signs, now you just need to ask yourself if you are ready to face the situations that lie ahead in the short term.

Financial Difficulties

Apart from the financial difficulties that can happen to anyone at any time such as your business suddenly going bankrupt leaving you without gainful employment or an accident or illness that could leave you unable to work. We are in a gigantic economic bubble which could burst at any moment. Stock markets have set records, cryptocurrency values ​​have soared, and real estate prices show little sign of slowing. According to experts this pattern is completely unsustainable and inflation is rising, the federal government continues to print money and the gap between rich and poor is growing. A financial crisis can become something far beyond our control even if we are prepared. How much longer do you think the world can continue with this situation of inequality?

International Crises

We read daily in the news that China is expanding through loans to developing countries, that China wants to take control of Taiwan, that there are conflicts with Russia and Ukraine that could start a war like we have never experienced, the economic crises of Venezuela and North Korea, Iran continues to increase its nuclear capacity and hundreds of other events that could affect us at any time. I ask you again, how long do you think these events can continue without affecting us personally?

The Pandemic

The virus continues to mutate and becomes much more contagious. Millions of people have been personally affected by the unfortunate loss of loved ones, medical debt, job losses, and other consequences of the pandemic. The majority of the population simply expect governments to solve problems for them and believe that if things get worse, the government will be able to help them. You still have time to inform yourself and prepare yourself, read our articles and you will understand that we are not looking to generate panic, on the contrary, being prepared will give you peace of mind. Great civilizations throughout history have collapsed due to pandemics, let's not let this defeat us.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters kill thousands of people each year and have serious consequences for another million. The type and severity of a natural disaster in your area depends on your location. Natural disasters not only cause physical damage to an area, but can also lead to financial difficulties. If your home is destroyed in a wildfire, you will often be affected physically, emotionally, and financially. Floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes can destroy homes, businesses, and have other effects. Not having enough supplies in stock can be a serious oversight on your part, leading to a worsening of the situation.

Remember that the best time to start preparing is now. Even a small utility knife could save your life in an Emergency.

Our site is full of Survival articles, take the time to learn and start prepping as soon as posible.

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