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Can a power inverter damage my car?

The right power inverter for your car will not damage your vehicle. Modern inverters already come with systems that protect the inverter and your car from overloading and allow it to stop working when your car's battery gets too low.

Types of car power inverter

There two most common power inverters for cars are modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

They are recommended for electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops or charging USB devices like power banks. These inverters have an electronic circuit that makes them work very similar to Pure Sine Wave Inverters, but at a lower cost. 90% of the devices that work with a pure wave inverter will work in the same way with a modified wave inverter.

If you drive a sedan, a device like the DEWALT DXAEPI140 power inverter is recommended, offering 140 watts of convenient household power that you can carry using a single 120-volt AC outlet and 2 USB charging ports. Simply plug the power inverter into your vehicle's 12 Volt outlet (cigarette lighter) and plug your devices into the power inverter; perfect for charging small electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Features a fanless quiet operation design and low-voltage protector that automatically shuts off the power inverter when your vehicle's battery is running low; won't drain your vehicle's battery, leaving you stranded.

For trucks that have a larger alternator and battery we recommend the DEWALT DXAEPI1000 power inverter which offers 1000 watts of convenient household power that you can carry using dual 120 volt AC outlets and 3 x 3.1 amp USB charging ports. Simply plug the power inverter into your vehicle's DC socket and connect your devices to the power inverter; perfect for charging electronic devices such as laptops, power tools and other electronic devices in the workplace. It features an LCD screen that displays real-time information on power consumption status, battery status, and any fault issues that it detects. The inverter includes battery connectors and mounting hardware. Also features low battery shutdown function, low voltage audible alarm, overload protection, short circuit protection.

Pure sine wave inverters

These inverters are the ones that deliver the cleanest energy and provide a current with more power, but they have the disadvantage of being the most expensive.

These devices are recommended to run power tools, small refrigerators or other equipment that needs more electrical current.

An example of these inverters is the Go Power! 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Industrial Inverter. . This device takes power from a car battery and converts it into an exact replica of household power. It is guaranteed to continuously run any load up to 2000 watts (as long as your battery bank can handle a power draw of 200 DC amps per hour). This inverter has two 20 amp GFCI outlets. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit interrupter. As long as the load does not exceed 2000 watts continuous, this inverter will work. Additionally, it can boost to 3,500 watts for 5 seconds and 4,000 watts for 1 second to allow high-drain computers to boot properly.

Try not to use an inverter when the engine is off

Some people often leave the power inverter charging mobile phones even though the car has stopped. You should know that if your inverter does not have a low battery sensor it will run until the car battery is completely drained, leaving you stranded. Before traveling or camping, you can bring an external battery for backup or remember to start your car regularly.

Do not use high power appliances frequently with car power inverters

Long-term use of the power inverter to charge high-power appliances will also damage the car battery. If you want to use a high-power appliance, you need to make sure your car battery is powerful enough and have a high-power car power inverter. For example, do not try to run a home air conditioner using an inverter that is not designed for these high voltages.

Do not use Power Inverters at high temperatures

The power inverter needs a working environment below 40 C°. Today's power inverters have built-in overheat protection and can protect your devices, but if you use them in this way for a long time, it will end up being damaged.

You must choose a power inverter with a higher power than indicated on your electronic devices.

Inverters allow you to charge electrical appliances in the car. But some home appliances, such as an air conditioner, have a high starting power. Make sure the power inverter can support a total power higher than the appliances you have.

Once you decide which inverter to buy, you should place it in a ventilated and dry place.

Keep the power inverter away from damp places or flammable or explosive products. You must use it in a ventilated and dry environment to reduce the risk of fire or explosion.

In summary

An inverter that is the right size for your vehicle and used correctly will not damage your vehicle or its electronic equipment. Always remember to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the inverter and your vehicle.

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