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How to prevent my television from being stolen or damaged

Among the most stolen and damaged items in homes are electronic devices and within these items is our Televisions. There are locks, metal frames, security cables and other devices that can protect your TV, in this article we explore the best ones.

If you worry that your new TV will be stolen or damaged you can follow our recommendations to protect your purchase.

How to avoid the theft of a television

Avoiding the theft of an object that is in plain sight is complicated, but not impossible. What a thief is looking for, in a nutshell, to enter your home and leave as soon as possible without being detected, so we are going to complicate this process for these lovers of what is foreign.

If you place the television on top of a piece of furniture in a few minutes the thief can disconnect the power cable, the video cables and leave your home; This is what we are going to try to avoid.

If we mount the television on the wall and anchor it properly we are already doing two things, the first is making it difficult for the thief to sell it since the television has no base, and the second is making it more difficult to disconnect it without damaging it. If the thief acts alone as in most cases he will not be able to hold the equipment and may not have all the tools that are needed.

Anti-theft support with padlock for Televisions

This support has a metal mechanism that once we mount the television and place the padlock it cannot be disassembled. Which will provide that the thief can take the equipment without damaging it. This device is as easy to install as any other bracket, but adds the protection of a padlock.

We leave you the Amazon link of these products in case you want to check the cost or similar products in your Region

Anti-theft Cable for Televisions

Apart from mounting the television we can also install a security cable designed for televisions, these cables are:

  • Easy to install, can be used if the TV is mounted on the wall or over a media center type furniture

  • The mechanism installs on the screws that are behind the television and the other side of the cable is fixed either on the furniture or on the nearest wall.

  • The padlock does not allow it to be uninstalled with conventional tools

  • The cable is metal and not easy to break

Link for Amazon:

Acrylic protector for television

Now that the TV can no longer be removed easily we are going to protect the screen, this acrylic mounts in front of your TV and prevents someone from breaking the fragile screen by accident and protects our equipment from scratches and dust. Amazon sells them in different sizes, just make sure you buy the one that fits best over your TV.

Link for Amazon: :

If the device is outdoors you can consider installing it inside a waterproof cabinet and combining it with the security cable: Outdoor TV Mount

Finally follow these tips:

  • Do not place valuables near windows or glass doors.

  • Keep your house closed and shutters closed when you are not home, preferably leave a light programmed to turn on and off and a radio, this combination often deters opportunistic criminals.

  • Most televisions have Parental Control, if you activate it the thief will not be able to program the television without your password, nor will he be able to sell it easily since it will not be very useful without this password.

  • If your device is smart, do not allow the purchase of applications without a password, if your TV is stolen they could continue to use your information and digital applications

  • Be sure to change the password for Netflix, Prime, and other services you have on your TV in case it's stolen.

  • Loss due to theft is generally included as part of a good personal property protection insurance, make sure your insurance covers this type of events.

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