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Women insulted on Social Media for showing her Emergency Food Storage

User on social media TikTok uploaded a video of her Emergency Food Storage, the viewers reacted by calling her a Hoarder and started accusing her of leaving other family children without food.

Its 2022 and many people don’t seem to understand that Preparing for an Emergency is the best thing someone can do, when an emergency comes the last thing you want to do is depend on the Government to eat or care for your family. I firmly believe that if each one of us prepared responsibly we could each take care of our loved ones and even help the community.

The women posted a new video saying “It’s Called Preparation not hoarding!!!”

Remember that when an emergency comes the people that were not prepared start panic buying food and emptying food shelves which is far worse than purchasing things overtime to fill your family needs.

How much emergency should you keep? The Department of Homeland Security suggests storing at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food on hand for each of your family members at all times. This should be enough to hold you over in minor emergencies such as winter storms or power outages. For larger events we suggest keeping at least a week of supplies.

Video Link on TikTok:

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